Constructive and Destructive Forces

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Floods and Flood Control

Earthquakes for Kids Find out where earthquakes have occurred in the last seven days and much more. Tennessee Valley Authority

Learn what the TVA does to stop floods before they start.

Earth's Interactive site showing the earth's plates.

Erosion and Weathering



Introduction to Erosion


Learn about the causes of erosion

    Plate Tectonics

Tectonics in a Nutshell

Learn how plate tectonics work in our earth.


Historical Perspective of the Earth

The story of Plate Tectonics

The Earth, 250 Million Years Ago....

Simple online game that you can locate the modern continents on Pangaea

Interactive Map showing Pangaea

Map that shows Pangaea, continental drift, and plate tectonics
Landforms Discover the processes that caused the landforms shown.
The last seven days
Lists the earthquakes that have happen around the world in the last seven days.
Seismic Monitor View the seismic Monitor that gives you up to the minute information about recently occurring earthquakes all over the world.
Volcano Virtual Field Trip

Go .on a virtual volcano fieldtrip and see a variety of volcanoes

Volcanoes Deadly Warning

Part of the PBS Nova program

Volcano Activity See volcano activity for the last seven days.


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